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At George Brothers Excavating , excavation is what we do, pure and simple. From residential backfilling to trenching for utility installations, we've completed nearly every excavation job imaginable in the Knoxville area and we're always up for a new challenge. In dealing with us, you have an excavation partner that knows what needs to be done and is ready for even complex tasks.

The big difference between us and other the Knoxville area excavation companies is our range of ability. Not only do we have top of the line, industrial-grade equipment, but we also have a team that has tons of experience. Because we're a one-stop shop, you can count on us to take full responsibility for the work at hand rather than hiring multiple subcontractors.

George Brothers Excavating also understands what it means to be a superior customer service provider. When we're contracted for a new excavation job, our services starts with full professionalism, including clear and transparent pricing, a friendly attitude, and a singular point of contact that will handle all aspects of the excavation work.

Step up to the Knoxville area's premier excavation firm by calling 865-567-3467 and speaking to a George Brothers Excavating associate.

The best excavating company in the Knoxville area is only a phone call away – 865-567-3467

Conveniently located with service to the greater the Knoxville area area, George Brothers Excavating is available for excavation jobs of all shapes and sizes.


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